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When I saw that a road trip from St. Louis took us through downtown St. Paul to North Dakota, it was time to schedule a few days to discover some of my favorite places in town. I # We have explored art museums on grey, sleepy days and we have two excellent ones here in the Twin Cities.

Both places are stunning and are also free, cheap and quality things to do, so visit for a short weekend. If you're visiting the Twin Cities on a long holiday, check out our list of fun and free activities in St. Paul.

While there is always some festival taking place in Saint Paul, you can see what you can go to in our calendar of events for where you can go. Our favorites include the annual St. Paul International Film Festival, Minnesota State Fair and more. Further current ticket offers can be found on the official website of the festival as well as on the Facebook page of the event.

Although the huge location of the Science Museum on the riverside was only built in 1990, the history of the museum dates back to 1906. Play, learn, learn, play and play again while learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The two cities are located directly across the Mississippi from Minneapolis and form the greater Minneapolis - Saint Paul area. The area, which includes both Minneapolis and the St. Paul suburbs, offers visitors a variety of attractions and activities in the area including museums, theaters, restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Some well-known attractions that residents want to visit again and again are the Minnesota Performing Arts Center (MNAPAC), the University of Minnesota - Duluth and Minnesota State University - Twin Cities. While the hilly southern half is more residential and offers some of the best shopping, dining and dining in Minnesota, the lower half is trendy, industrial, affordable and local by local standards.

Activities in Saint Paul include visiting some of the historic buildings that give the town of Saint Paul its unique charm. Downtown St. Paul has probably the best shopping, dining and entertainment options in the entire state of Minnesota and the nation.

The Cathedral of Saint Paul rises two blocks from B & B with a magnificent dome and is home to the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. The cathedral with its magnificent domes is located at the highest point of the city and is also within walking distance. This park features a beautiful fountain and surrounds the Minnesota State Cathedral and Capitol and the University of Minnesota - Duluth campus.

While the Minneapolis - Saint Paul Airport is an important hub airport, St. Paul's biggest attraction is finding cheap flights to and from Saint Paul. The Fitzgerald Theater is home not only to the Minnesota State Capitol, but also to the University of Minnesota campus - Duluth. You can also visit your family at the Twin Cities Fitzgerald Theater for an evening of music and entertainment.

Along the way, you'll also find some interesting treats at the first Saint Paul pit stop, which includes the Minnesota State Capitol and the University of Minnesota campus - Duluth.

Take a look at the famous St. Paul Christmas Tree, created by St. Paul native Charles Schulz in his hometown of Minneapolis.

Como Zoo in St. Paul, Minnesota is full of exotic animals and natural landscapes that are exciting from above. This is definitely a hot spot to see and can easily be one of the most popular attractions in the Twin Cities during the winter months. If you visit Minneapolis or St. Paul in winter, you should check out these fun ways to enjoy winter both indoors and outdoors. Twin-city weekend tours that can warm your heart to visiting StPaul in winter.

Visitors are strongly encouraged to stroll through the historic Union Depot and enjoy the saints of St. Paul during the season and visit the Saint Paul Museum of Natural History.

When your feet get tired, there are many other ways to experience Minneapolis - Saint Paul that can be enjoyed by all ages. Here are 18 incredible places to drop your jaw to the ground, and here's a list of the best places in the Twin Cities for a great day trip.

We know there are many incredibly stunning places to be found on our list of St. Paul's, enough to be a million pages long, but we can help you find exactly what you're looking for. There are a lot of great ways to live in St. Paul, and we know there is a lot of interest in the Twin Cities and the state of Minnesota. Second on the list is the Minnesota State Capitol, which sits prominently on a manicured campus overlooking downtown Staten Island in all its white - and - golden - glory.

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More About Saint Paul