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Welcome to the Coon Rapids, Minnesota hotel near the National Sports Center, Minnesota, which offers great views of the Minneapolis / St. Paul Metro station and the Minnesota State Capitol. Located just a short drive from the Twin Cities and Lake Superior State Park, this boutique hotel is a great place for couples, solo travelers or business travelers. Located a 70-minute drive from downtown Minneapolis, Coon Rapids North Metro Hotel offers reasonably priced rooms with a variety of amenities including a spa and fitness center, gym, outdoor pool and private dining area. Located in the city of Minneapolis on the corner of Lake Michigan and Interstate 35, the Coons Rapids South Metro Hotel is a boutique hotel, but also minutes from downtown Minneapolis.

Each room has heating and a private safe-deposit box couch with access to the express bus to and from the Minneapolis / St. Paul Metro Station. Baymont Wyndham Coon Rapids features public areas, a spa and fitness centre, a gym, an outdoor pool and a private dining area.

This elegant Rochester, New York hotel and wedding location is one of the most popular hotels in the Twin Cities and a popular destination for weddings and events. The hotel has a non-smoking policy and offers weddings, receptions and other events, as well as events such as weddings, throughout the year.

If you are visiting Coon Rapids, MN and you cannot find an option that fits your needs, check out our options near the area offered by hotels and motels in Coons Rapids MN. If you are looking for a good, affordable hotel in Cocoon Rapids, you can call the Hyatt to find out the best rates and options to save and pay later on with Expedia. To find good prices for Coin Rapids Hot hotels, visit our list of 1184 hotels to see, read and compare 2291 reviews, and choose the hotel & Motel by Wifi, Hotel by Wi - Fi or Hotel of the Week.

View the many complimentary hotel amenities at the Hilton Garden Inn in Rochester , NY, including free Wi-Fi, free parking, free meals and more. Get free competitive offers and save up to 70% on hotel rooms and suites at hotels in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Top rated cheap hotels in St. Paul, Minnesota, including Wingate Wyndham in Coon Rapids, based on user reviews. TouristLink member - Rank Americinn in Rochester, NY, and the Hilton Garden Inn in New York City. Enter your date to see the best hotel room and suite deals in the Twin Cities region. The top five rated hotels for TouristLink members in Minnesota include the Marriott Grand Hyatt Suites in Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Marriott Hotel in Duluth, Minnesota, the Hyattsville Hilton in Atlanta, Georgia, the Hilton Inn & Suite in Chicago, Illinois, Marriott International in Washington, D.C. and the Hilton Grand Central Station in Detroit, Michigan.

The hotel is located in Coon Rapids, 18 miles northwest of Carroll, and the above hotels are located in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, Minnesota, Rochester, NY, New York City, Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan.

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Old Shakopee Rd., at the corner of Old St. Paul Rd. And Old Minnesota Ave. Contact your bank at 1 - 866 - 724 - 4357 for more information about the bank near you or contact your local bank.

Country Inn & Suites is ideal for those who are close to a major business or tourist attraction. Coon Rapids offers extended stay rooms, a full-service restaurant and a variety of other amenities. Set up in the heart of downtown St. Paul or in one of the city's main shopping and dining districts.

Visitors to Coon Rapids can enjoy a variety of lodging options, including a full-service restaurant and a variety of other amenities, including a spa, fitness center, pool and spa facilities.

There are 4 hotel suites in Coon Rapids, and the hotel with the most suites is AmericInn Wyndham Coons Rapids. Find more information about each hotel, including opening hours, addresses and more. We have listed more detailed breakfast information provided by each of the hotels, if available.

Get a location near Baymont Wyndham Coon Rapids or view our 1094 Coons Rapids hotel deals. If you are reading this, please read our guide to the best hotels in St. Paul, Minnesota and the Twin Cities region.

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