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Kean Wilwerding was born and raised in MN with a small Canadian flair and spends most of his time performing in various locations across the state. He is a well-connected member of the St. Paul band Ozzy Osbourne and has played in a large number of original and cover bands, as well as open to members of Ozzie and the band. They have performed in numerous originals and cover bands and have had the opportunity to perform at festivals such as the Minnesota State Fair, the Twin Cities Music Hall of Fame and many other events.

If you love quirky coffee shops and live music, visit Gingko's Coffeehouse near Snelling University to play or watch. Take a look at our list of the best coffee shops and music venues in St. Paul, Minnesota, and don't forget, here are our top spots to hear live music in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

It's a microbrewed grilled beer and is hosted by a variety of live bands, with adjacent wings and a whole live experience - at - great experience. Take the fried potato balls and have some of the best burgers (think high-end pierogies) served in St. Paul, as well as a wide selection of beers.

Sit down and feel like an old - sometimes fat - cat as you sit on a high-backed stool, with a glass of wine and some of the best burgers in St. Paul.

It may be strange to come to Wilebski's Blues Saloon, which is just a few blocks from the St. Paul Convention Center, but it's worth coming if you're a neophyte. The bar is only open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and the bands play from 19: 00 to 22: 00. Blues will be on stage from 6 to 9 p.m., live music on weekends from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and live entertainment from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

W (651 - 646 - 7087) attracts a fairly cosy crowd, with live music from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and a large sunken dance floor providing good visibility. Seven nights a week, they play a mix of blues, hip-hop, country, folk, rock, jazz, soul and more, as well as a few other genres.

While the Xcel Energy Center is the largest and most famous space for concerts, this small space is ideal for taking a bite, sipping a drink and watching a show. Crowds flock to live big bands on Thursday and occasionally Friday, but not on Saturday or Sunday.

The Black Dog music group features a mix of local and traveling musicians, as well as local bands from across the state and beyond. There are a variety of bands on the list, from local to big names, and the bros behave with musicians.

When everything happens outside of beer, you can move around - to make room for everything else, from music to food, beer, art, music and more.

You talk to the man in a suit next to you, order a decade-old single malt and you're on stage, sound and dance floor. Great Waters is a favourite of many St Pauls, but where do you go to enjoy the beer, not the food or atmosphere? I know some of the best live music in town, so I didn't expect anything glamorous. I came pretty close to being everything to everyone in N.N., but I had fun.

He earned a bachelor's degree in music theory and composition from McNally Smith College of Music in 2016 with a minor in audio production. He has spent seven years at the School of Rock, including three years as a member of the St. Paul Symphony Orchestra, and holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota - Duluth in Public Music. Benny Cole is a singer-songwriter, pianist, guitarist, composer, producer, actor, writer and musician. Dan graduated in 2015 from McNally-Smith College of Music with a Master in Music Composition and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Music from UMD.

He specializes in music theory and performance and begins his musical education at the University of Minnesota - Duluths School of Music and Performing Arts, although he is a former School of Rock student. His musical resume includes the St. Paul Symphony Orchestra, Minnesota State Orchestra and UMD Orchestra. He uses his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist and teaches guitar, bass and drums for both beginners and advanced players. During his time at McNally - Smith College of Music, he left his guitar and bass skills behind and used those skills in his head.

He is a founding member of the St. Paul Symphony Orchestra, the Minnesota State Orchestra and the University of Minnesota - Duluth Orchestra.

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