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2017 is drawing to a close and we are celebrating the year in which St. Paul finally found its full potential as a food city. This charming former gangster hangout has been mentioned many times as an unassuming place, whose service reminds us again and again why we love old Paul. It's something that stays magical, and this place on Cathedral Hill never seems to miss a beat, with great service and good food, making it seem like it's always been there.

If a St. Paul spot hasn't changed in decades, and doesn't have to, it's in the top 10 best food spots in Minnesota, or at least one of them.

But equally important, it takes time to honor the restaurants that laid the foundation, and they have proven themselves to be a good bet for anyone looking to the East for a good meal. To help you, here is a list of St. Paul restaurants that will open in 2020 that we think you should consider.

Joanas brings great hospitality and wine with really nice food, and there's also an exciting mezcal program from her time in Oaxaca, Mexico, Foster says. This is a neighborhood pub with good food and locals, but there are also tacos ($2 - 9) that take you back to the days of Taco Bell and Taco Hut.

Dinner is always great, but lunch is cafeteria-style and sits long in the back of El Cafe. I love sitting by the roadside sipping a glass of wine ($5-10) and a cup of coffee (free) with a side of tacos, and when I get home I'll hop on the summer tiki bar on the roof. This long meal filled with margarita will take me south of the border on my journey before I leave St. Paul.

The pyramid took over the former Red Savoy in Hennepin earlier this year, and Angelo Pennacchio, who ran CP-Fav Bar Luchador (which left expensively after the pandemic struck), has made it his own. I think I've had pizza three times this week, but sometimes I want to make my own pizza and go and pick the toppings. Philly steaks, I've noticed they have a menu, so I'll go for it.

B.A.D. Wingz is one of the best new restaurants in St. Paul, and a good one at that. Back in their new digs in the Northeast, they are back with a very customizable menu that allows you to choose from a variety of toppings, such as bacon, cheese, onions, peppers, tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, garlic, etc.

The décor at Birdhouse is delicious to think about, and the menu offers a variety of dishes served in vintage stoneware to match the mood. Chef Noah Miller has already doubled the kitchen's capacity and the bar is open, serving some of St. Paul's finest craft beers and wines, as well as a wide selection of cocktails. In Manciniia, Pat and his family are back, this time in a new place, where he and a few St. Paul restaurateurs serve the troops to serve the family. The room is divided into two parts: the rear, which is a more formal dining room and bar, and the front, which is both a counter service and a day care center.

Another option is the new Nashville Coop, which until a few weeks ago was a food truck, but is now a full-service restaurant with wine bar and snelling bar. If Mum has too much to do this week, think twice before heading out for dinner.

This really is the ultimate list of the best St Paul's and it's the best - secret - kind of place to do it. These restaurants are all about being as good as they can be at what they serve, so if you're looking for them, they'll give it their all. They offer amuse bouche - small appetizers perfect for drinks, as well as full-size appetizers and side dishes suitable for a family meal. And if you're like me and have a flat top in your mouth, no list would be complete without fries.

Tongue and cheek do what you want with confidence, and for eager guests, everything is fine.

Heather Asbury says there's something of everything in this neat new restaurant on Chicago Avenue that debuted last year after the closure of a bar and restaurant in Minnesota. Owner Emily Rheingans took the opportunity to move her family's restaurant and bar to Minneapolis and gained access to a full service restaurant, bar and retail space in St. Paul.

The East Side Bar menu has some Station 6 favorites, including an amazing Ruben, an expanded burger list, a fried pork sandwich, and the classic Moules - de - Leche (a crispy chicken version with Parmesan cheese). Expect a flood of TV screens and find little clams as you sit down while steak fries come in and are served in the style you often dream of. The menu also includes classic burgers and fries, as well as various salads, such as the crispy chicken variations, which are crumbled and crusty, or the crispy and crispy chicken and cheese variations.

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