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If you see a North Dakota road trip that takes you from St. Louis right into downtown St. Paul to St. Louis, it's time to plan a trip to discover some of the city's most popular spots in a few days. The Twin Cities are home to 16 Fortune 500 companies, and there are unlimited employment opportunities beyond the unlimited number of jobs in Minnesota, though it may not be as large as the twin cities. Both offer many outdoor areas to explore, and both offer plenty of fun, from hiking and camping to hiking, biking, fishing and more.

In St. Paul you will also find a wide range of restaurants, bars, cafés and shops, as well as many restaurants and bars in the twin cities. Some of the cafes even have play rooms, so you have plenty of opportunities to chat with yourself and your children at the local café or café.

Visit the Minnesota Fishing Museum when in Little Falls, while the Lindbergh Museum is just a few blocks from the Twin Cities Convention Center. See unique fossils and ancient artifacts at the Science Museum of Minnesota, watch a movie at the Omnitheater, and more.

St. Paul hosts several festivals and fairs throughout the year, so be sure to check out one of them. While all kinds of festivals take place in Saint Paul, you can see what's happening in our calendar of events.

Our favorites include St. Paul Farmers' Market, Minnesota State Fair and Saint Paul County Fair. Take time for the Mühlenstadtmarkt, too, so check out some of the local craft beers, wine and food vendors, and a variety of food and beverage vendors.

If you're in St. Paul, you should take a trip or three to explore the incredible Science Museum of Minnesota, which is one of the best science museums in the country and a great alternative to the Minnesota State Museum in Minneapolis.

Both Lake Phalen and Lake Como are located in St. Paul, but there are many other lakes in the city. Both lakes are natural - parts of the Great Lakes - and are both just a few miles from the Minnesota State Museum and the University of Minnesota campus.

If you want to learn more about the Cathedral of Saint Paul, we recommend you join our guided tours, which are offered Tuesday to Friday just before lunch. If you plan to use public transportation in the Twin Cities, here is a quick guide to the best transit options in St. Paul and the city of Minneapolis if you need them. St. Paul MetroTransit even has bike guides to help you explore your city on two wheels. We strongly encourage visitors to stroll through the historic Union Depot and enjoy the Saints in all seasons, but we strongly urge them to head downtown to visit the St. Paul Saints Museum, Minnesota State Museum and University of Minnesota.

Check out our other St. Paul travel guides to learn more about the city, and if you're looking for more information about moving to St. Paul, read this guide to moving from Minneapolis to St. Paul and the Twin Cities in general. For more information about moving from Minneapolis to St. Paul or to and from St. Paulo itself, please see our travel guide.

The facility actually operates three attractions spread across Minnesota, but the one in St. Paul is the Roundhouse Museum. The park has a beautiful fountain and is surrounded by a variety of outdoor activities for children, such as playing and learning - learning - learning. The Science Museum of Minnesota in downtown St. Paul houses rotating exhibits that focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and the history of science and technology.

Although Minneapolis and St. Paul do not have a widely preserved family tree, both cities date back nearly 200 years. One of the oldest neighborhoods in Saint Paul is located in the Old Town, which stretches from west to east from the Mississippi River to downtown. Downtown St. Paul is home to probably the most historic buildings in Minnesota, with over 1,000 buildings.

Summit Hill and the Cathedral Hill neighborhood tower over an impressive cathedral, and Lowertown has a number of historic buildings including the Minnesota State Capitol, St. Paul Public Library and a variety of museums. The marble dome of the state Capitol towers over the Mississippi River in St. Paul, at the center of Minnesota politics.

The centuries-old Saint Paul Cathedral is another landmark, and the building is inspiring and impressive - inspiring to walk in. Two blocks from B & B, the Cathedral of Saint Paul rises above a magnificent dome and is home to the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

The Gateway State Trail runs from St. Paul to Stillwater and covers a total of 29 kilometers through Maplewood, North St. Paul and Oakdale. ll find some interesting treats along the way, but the first Saint Paul pit stop is at the intersection of Interstate 35W and Minnesota Avenue North, just south of the cathedral.

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More About Saint Paul