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What you do in the Twin Cities in summer may be a little different from winter, but we should just point out that zero degrees are not uncommon and the average January high is 22 degrees. This means that what we do in summer could easily be different from what we do in winter. If you're looking for things to do between Minneapolis and St. Paul, consider this time of year. The average July temperature will be 82 F, meaning it will be above average for the rest of the year, with the exception of a few days in August and September.

If you're visiting Minneapolis or St. Paul in winter, check out our list of fun ways to enjoy winter both indoors and outdoors. Just for good measure, we have added a special post to help you find things you can do in Minneapolis in winter, as well as a number of special posts about the Twin Cities in summer.

We have gathered all the things we use to make traveling more enjoyable and efficient on one page, and most of our travel photos can be seen in one place on this page. You can buy prints, but we're everywhere, so please have a look and share it!

We dug in an old fire station that had been excavated from its original location in the old town of St. Paul. We rode our bicycles in the Twin Cities Falls State Park, which was very scenic and less crowded than the one in Minneapolis, and hopped on the Mixed Blood Theatre in the West Bank.

The theater remains one of the most professional theaters in the city, and we loved seeing the jungle plays in the Lyn Lake neighborhood. In St. Paul, Ordway Theater presents a wide variety of musicals, dramas, comedies, plays and other plays from around the world.

Loring Park is especially great because it hosts a variety of events, such as the annual St. Paul International Film Festival. The park has a beautiful fountain and is surrounded by beautiful trees and offers great views of the Minnesota State Capitol and the Twin Cities.

In winter, you can browse the closed market of Keg and Case or dine in one of the many restaurants and bars in the area, such as the St. Paul Public Library. Of course, there's First Avenue, made famous by Prince's film "Purple Rain," which is bursting with history and genre.

It is cosy, fascinating and houses a nice gift shop specializing in vintage clothing, jewelry, books and other items for home and office. It is also housed in a large shopping mall, with plenty of browsing and safe - fire finds to take home after surfing.

I love children's books and St Paul anchors me in the heart of the St Paul Children's Library, which houses the largest collection of children's books in the world. A new 35W bridge crosses the river, which was erected on the site after the alarming collapse of an earlier bridge.

Theodore Wirth Parkway Trail, where it's hard to believe we're still in town, and where the Theodore Withers Parkway Trails are so steeped in history that I find it hard to believe that you can walk around the Minneapolis Lake on a bike or on foot.

Check in at the W Hotel and the lobby to see the lift door, and chances are that something is going on in one of three steps. If you visit the play, don't plan to visit the building, but if you visit it in time to pass the time, it's a delicious idea. See Meet Minneapolis for a list of the hottest restaurants in Minneapolis and St. Paul, as well as a guide to some of the city's most popular spots.

Our dear friends at Travel Writers Radio have discontinued their radio show to introduce Minneapolis to the audience in Melbourne, Australia. While you're here, take a signed copy of her new book, Life With God. The funniest thing to read is the story of the late Nick Coleman, who represented St. Paul in the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time in his life.

When you visit the show, you forget the good feeling of the city, but the lobby area might just attract you for a longer stay. The Yellow Box Bridge to Nowhere is an exciting feature, and if there's a precious little graffiti that says it all, here it is. That's not quite true , it is just one of the most beautiful buildings in St. Paul, if not the whole city.

Visitors are strongly encouraged to stroll through the historic Union Depot and enjoy the saints of St. Paul during the season, but you can consider visiting during the summer months as well as the fall and winter months. You can take a tour, and if that's not enough, you can visit the Saint Paul Natural History Museum for a more intimate experience.

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